I'm Julia. 20. Los Angeles, California. Mortuary Science major. Probably. Maybe animation.
I like everything vintage (fashion, furniture, floral patterns, pin ups, anything), rockabilly, psychobilly, macabre, anime, Sailor Moon, video games, body positive-ness, and I don't know, other stuff. And I will post about it.
If you want to know more about me, all you have to do is ask! I'm open to anything and everything.

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Haha great, now I’m going to fail my Game Design class because I can’t take the midterm. The website has been down the MOMENT I clicked on “start test”
So you know, that’s just great haha.
I have until 6 am but it’s been HOURS and it’s still not up, which means I doubt it’ll be up before then. I love technology, but it honestly sucks that it can screw you over  but it’s MY fault that their website is down???
FUCK just nothing is going right for me!!

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I don’t understand why friendships don’t work the same with me as they do others. Other people will lose a friendship and they’ll just hang out with their other friends. Sometimes they’ll even start hanging out with a new person right away.
But I don’t.
I lose a friend and that’s it, there is no one else. I suddenly have no one to talk to and no one else to go to because I don’t get to replace them. I don’t get that luxury of having a friend who I get to see or at least talk to on a normal basis.
I don’t blame anyone, it’s my fault. I’m such a shitty friend to everyone, I don’t know why anyone WOULD want to talk to me even once a week. But I just hate being alone and having no one to talk to or hang out with or share each others problems. I hate it.

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you know that feeling when nothing’s wrong but nothing’s right either

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This. Is all true.

This. Is all true.

So I decided to join Meetup.com to get some friends and I was like “Oh well I like anime” so I go to an anime group and their first up-coming event is “Moe Day 2014 萌えの日, Moe Moe Kyun~♡”
Nope. So much nope.

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Colorful Stairs, Tehran, Iran

Reblog this if I can vent to you? Like completely skip all the awkwardness and just start talking to you.


Yo if u want im always up for a chat, just shove it in my inbox tho so i can get a *ping on my phone to answer it :)

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